Music Essentials for Children

The Kodály Method of music education is the work of Zoltán Kodály (16 December 1882 Kecskemét – 6 March 1967 Budapest).   He was one of the most outstanding personalities of 20th century Hungarian culture: composer, ethnomusicologist, music pedagogue, linguist and philosopher. His internationally acknowledged concept of music education is the basis for general music teaching in Hungary and also plays an important role in the training of professional musicians. Kodály believed that music education should begin at the earliest possible age. Kodály’s concept was to raise music loving and music competent people. He thought that only art of intrinsic value is suitable for children and everything else is harmful. His way of thinking about the importance of music can be summarized in the following quote:

“We should read music in the same way that an educated adult will read a book: in silence, but imagining the sound.”


For Your Inspiration

Students will find useful links and recordings posted here.   One example is this beautiful performance of Veni, Veni, Emmanuel by Zoltán Kodály!: