Latin Mass Sponsorship
Program and Projects in Need

Special Project!

The Musicā Oramus Catholic Conservatory is in need of a concert grand piano for the many concerts given throughout the year.  Monthly Student Recitals give young musicians frequent opportunities to perform and the Concert Series with professional musicians provides opportunities for people to experience beautiful and accessible concerts throughout the year.

I would like to donate!  Please contact me!

The opportunity to support the ongoing work of Musicā Oramus is always greatly appreciated!  Here are ways you can give by sponsoring the daily workers:

Sponsorship Opportunities:

  • Choir Section Leader / Cantors
  • Voice Teacher (offers professional training/classes for all choirs)
  • Sacred Music Ensemble Musicians (two violinists, flautist, cellist, lutenist, organist)
  • Director of Musicā Oramus Choirs
  • Organist for Latin Masses

I would like to be a Sponsor! Please contact me!