Musicā Oramus is looking for people who share our mission and would be willing to share the fruits of their labors to support our work through our Sponsorship Program.

Sponsored Musicians:

One Choir-in-Residence Member (choir hopes to maintain 25 members)
Voice Teacher (offers professional training/classes for all choirs)
Recording Vocalist (dedicates time to recording rehearsal music for all choirs)
Conductor for the Musicā Oramus Choir-in-Residence
Director of Musicā Oramus Choirs

If you would love to see the continued growth of a serious sacred music school to ensure the future of beautiful sacred music in the Catholic Church please consider being a Sponsor.

God has been very generous to us by bringing laborers to work for Musicā Oramus. We pray that He continues to bless us with the financial means to continue and grow!

I would like to be a Sponsor! Please contact me!